Our course is suitable for both those who would like to help others by giving professional Tarot consultations and for those who would like to read their own cards.000_0131


One of the many benefits of personal tuition is that it enables course material to be tailored to the individual needs of the student, whilst maintaining the basic structure of the course.




 * 10 Hours personnal tuition

 * Morgan Greer Tarot cards

 * History of the Tarot

 * Secret Keys to all 78 cards

 * Easy learning techniques

 * How to conduct a consultation

 * Practice readings

 * Certificate on course completion                                   

 * Ongoing student support line





Our flexible study program means lessons can be arranged for daytime or evening. This is another benefit of private tuition. There needs to be approximaterly seven days between your lessons to work through the exercises that have been set. 


         Lessons are available in your own home, eiather in person or via webcam.




Q  Do i need any previous experience or knowledge?

Because your tuition is individual, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have previouse experience or knowledge of the cards. Also you are learning a set system, that has been specificaly desighned as a foundation for the skills you will develope. However if you have used the Tarot befor, you will find your course a valuable addition to your journey so far.


Do i have to have any psychic abilities?

You already have some psychic abilities. As being psychic or clairvoyant is nothing more than using or thurther developing natural abilities we are all born with. It is impossible to use something like the Tarot without it helping to develope these abilities. Much in the same way as working out in a gym will develope your physical muscles, the Tarot will develope your psychic muscles. Also your course has been specificaly desighned to help bring out your natural abilities.


Have you ever had a person you couldn’t teach?

A   Anyone can learn the Tarot on this course, providing they have a reasonable command of the English language and follow the instructions and exercises that have been set. How far you develope your skills will depend on your individual effort and the amount of practice you give yourself.


Will i be able to read professionaly?

Yes, providing you complete your course and follow the exercises set. If you do this and practice, you will be able to read the cards to a professional standard.


Tell:  020 8318 9879 / 0771 3000 728 E.mail: ralphwayne17@excite.com




















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