HOW HOW THE TAROT CAN HELP YOU 




The Tarot can be used for various purposes including meditation and guidance. It’s the Tarot’s ability to guide us that we are primarily looking at here.  Often when people think of the Tarot cards, the first thing that comes to mind is fortune telling.Though it is true that events can sometimes be predicted,what is actually being shown is the likely outcome of a chain of events already set in motion. This is what is known as cause and effect, something knowledgeable people and philosophers throughout history have been aware of.


The Tarot then, should be seen as a set of windows,through which life can be viewed from a different perspective. It can shine light on difficult situations,bringing a new insight in to how we arrived where we are now and what may be stopping us from moving forward. It will also, of course show what possibilities lie in our future.


There are many different approaches to a Tarot consultation, depending on the particular style, beliefs and knowledge of the consultant. Also some readers will specialize in different areas.


Ralph’s unique way of consulting the cards combines  clairvoyance, numerology, astrology and cabbalistic symbolismn. All of which can be found in the cards but which are seldom used. A consultation with Ralph has a bias towards practical guidance and helping the client to become clearer about their life, what options they have and where they’re heading. Ralph uses two different Tarot decks in your reading and will often use oracle cards as well. What follows below is a step by step explanation of what your consultation will include. For details of all our practical guidance services and for further information call or e.mail anytime.




  WE WILL: 1. Ask if there is any particular concern or area of your life you want to focus on.


 2. See if there’s anything significant in your recent past that’s affecting you now.


 3. Look at your present situation, any obstacles to overcome and your 12 months ahead.


 4. Check you have understood the main points and answer any questions.


 After your consultation,you will be given any additional information or advice of a practical nature,which may help you.


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 E.mail: ralphwayne17@excite.com

























































































































































































































































































































































































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