Hello! My name’s Ralph and I’d like to welcome you to our site. I hope you’re well and if you’re not feeling too great or if you’d just like to be doing better or feeling more fulfilled, I hope you will find something here to give you some fresh ideas and get you back on the road to where you want to be.

Whatever area of your life you want to improve,we can offer guidance and coaching to help you achieve your goals.

LOVE LIFE     In all the time I have been helping people, this is one of the most common areas where people have problems or uncertainty. Single people who come for a Tarot reading, invariably ask what opportunities lie ahead, or perhaps they are trying to make a decision between two suitors. With a life coach, it’s possible to take a fresh look at what you’re wanting from this area of your life and to plan where you want to be in the future.

CAREER    Would you like a change of direction or to earn more money? It can be difficult to know when to make that big move, or to know where to move to. Change can be daunting and it often seems easier to stay where we are, even when we know something doesn’t feel right. The Tarot can show the influences around you in your working environment. With Life Coaching and using the tools within your own mind, you can become more confident to set new goals. We can also look at creative ways for you to increase your income.

FAMILY  AND FRIENDS   Some of the most difficult relationships can be within our own families. Even more so than our friends, our family members can be hard to avoid when there is a problem. However whether family or friends, it is important to set boundaries. For example not letting them put us down, abuse us, or put more demands on our time than we are able to accommodate. It’s important to look at how all the people around us effect the way we feel. Effective communication is at the forefront of all relationships. Life Coaching can help us to confront these issues. We can also show you some little known techniques that can double the effectiveness of your communication.

HEALTH AND FITNESS   Do you have any health concerns that refuse to go away? Whilst we do not use the Tarot to try and predict the outcome of health issues, what the cards can do, is point out areas of your life that may be causing stress and potential problems in the future. In your life coaching sessions, you will learn how to harness the power of your mind to improve all areas of your life. We can also point you in the right direction should you want to explore natural ways to stay healthy. Often people just want to get fitter or lose some weight, in which case, together we can set you goals and help you achieve them.

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